Rockburn Institute is negotiating with Advanta Government Services (AGS), and on July 19, 2018 Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) awarded Advanta a three year contract: Inpatient and Outpatient Data Abstraction Review HSCRC-17-048. We would provide medical record review services for samples of inpatient and outpatient data to verify the accuracy of the clinical information in the medical records of all Maryland hospitals providing services under the aegis of the HSCRC.
This award is concurrent with the July 9, 2018 CMS Maryland Total Cost of Care Award.  The HSCRC is an independent Maryland state agency, authorized by Maryland state law to oversee the State’s hospital health care system by setting reasonable reimbursement rates payable by Medicare and Maryland Payers that enable hospitals to provide their services effectively and efficiently.  Since its inception (est. July 1974), the primary mission of the HSCRC has been to contain costs while improving quality of care and enhancing access to needed hospital services.